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Growing With Grief Retreat

Hosted by Lisa Banu, PHD, MSW, RYT

October 31 - November 3, 2024

Growing With Grief Retreat

This retreat is dedicated to those who feel conflicted during the holidays. Maybe you are dreading parties, decorations, lights, cookies as painful reminders of someone you love and lost. Even if you find the will to attend, it might feel like a dull ache keeps you hidden. You may feel disconnected, and far away. This weekend is about finding a way back to yourself when words fail.

The retreat will include somatic techniques inspired by Paul Denniston’s grief yoga. During these 5 sessions we will move through themes of awareness, expression, connection, surrender, and evolve. Each theme combines inner awareness with a series of gently repeated body movements. Each movement cycle lasts about 3-5 minutes with pauses for reflection in between. We will be seated and moving together to help release trapped heavy feelings. In addition to these 5 sessions, the retreat offers 3 gentle morning yoga classes, a breathwork session and a concluding celebration. Between the 10 scheduled events there will be time to rest, recover, alone and together.

Moon Rising Retreat offers a healing natural environment with 22-acres of grounds that include hiking and forest trails, walking paths, an expansive tree net. Community spaces include a yoga-shala, dining room, living room, covered patio and fire pit. Quiet spaces include a reading corner, as well as the walking trails. Grief work can be isolating, the shared bedrooms offer continuous supportive presence.

No previous yoga experience expected. Bring comfortable clothes. There will be time to share as much or as little as desired towards the end of our time together. This is an opportunity to sit with your grief safely supported by a caring community in a beautiful healing landscape, with and without words.
Many of you have already worked with your grief. This retreat is an opportunity to renew your commitment to staying connected to love through your grief. This is not a replacement for professional complex grief support. The goal of this retreat is to offer embodied and group support for those navigating grief and loss. If your loss is recent or if you have any questions, please contact Lisa Banu for additional guidance

Lisa integrates lessons learned from the disciplines of social work, yoga, philosophy, and design towards a mission to invite self-aware ease for herself and her clients. Her mind-body-soul approach to grief, loss and anxiety grew out of her academic work, and social work practices, and is reinforced by various mind-body-trauma informed certifications and ongoing learning. More information about her psychoeducation consulting practice

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