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Restorative Resonance Retreat

Hosted by Kelly Purcell & Lindsay Thomas

April 4-7, 2024

Restorative Resonance Retreat

A women's retreat with Kelly Purcell and Lindsay Thomas at the Moon Rising Retreat Center in
Blowing Rock, NC.

What does Restorative Resonance feel like in your body, in your muscles and in your bones? What would it feel like to take an extended weekend this upcoming Spring to intentionally nourish yourself in the ways that feel resonant to you, moment to moment?

Through restorative yoga, sound baths, tea meditations, Qoya, experiential workshops and ample free time, together we will explore what it feels like to relax fully into retreat mode, to nourish ourselves in the ways that we need it and to come into resonance with the budding of Spring.

Join us for a deeply restorative extended weekend women's retreat! We will gather for 4 days and 3 nights in the beautiful Blueridge mountains of NC at the Moon Rising Retreat Center.

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