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Unearthing Spring Retreat

Hosted by Kat Yates & Whitney Renfroe

April 11-15, 2024

Unearthing Spring Retreat

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Moon Rising Retreat is a sacred gem that offers the perfect haven to awaken your spring energy. After emerging from the cold, insightful depths of winter, Spring ushers in a renewal through growth, vision, and hope. When Spring awakens the earth, the tiny sapling must make effort to crack through the hull. There is a moment of urgency as it breaks through and begins its climb through the frozen winter soil to emerge into the new light. We too must unearth what it is that we want so we can clarify our goals. Then, we can step out into the world.

This is more than a retreat, it’s a reboot. Using movement, community, morning meditations, and tools for self-reflection, we aim to dig a little deeper into how we participate with ourselves and as part of a greater collective whole. The intention of this retreat is not necessarily to transform, but to unearth and awaken what is already there. We will explore the roots of your present experiences so you can decide what you wish to nurture as you spring forward. This experience promotes past and present self-acceptance, while also challenging participants to acknowledge who they wish to become. Think daily morning meditations and yoga, journaling prompts, evening activity or yin yoga, and lots of opportunities to foster your connection to nature.

This is not a vacation, but a designed departure from your normal perspectives and ingrained concepts of self. Come as you are, leave as you wish to be.

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