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Dasha Mahavidyas Master Module

Hosted by Claire Zovko & Lighthouse Yoga & Wellness

January 9-15, 2024

Dasha Mahavidyas Master Module

Join us for a 7-day/6-night immersion in the Blue Ridge Mountains at Moon Rising Retreat in Blowing Rock, NC.

In tantra the highest seat of self is the divine feminine. The Dasha Mahavidyas are the Ten Goddesses of Transcendent Wisdom which represent the devotional path in her 10 wisdom goddess forms. The goddesses are radiantly powerful archetypes who oversee a range of cosmic processes. The goddess forms challenge us to look deeper and represent different aspects of Self. The teachings of the Dasha Mahavidyas are the oldest form of sadhana and are shared as secret teachings within the tantric path. These sacred teachings lead to clear perception, increased intuition, and great evolution of oneself, connecting us to our most authentic power.

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